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Have you ever found yourself feeling exhausted without being able to sleep? You did your best to get a full night’s sleep, but as the hours pass by, you find yourself unable to drift off. Or maybe your problem isn’t with your sleep schedule; it’s with your mood.

You’re irritable and grumpy, snapping at people who don’t deserve it. Being unable to regulate your emotions can be frustrating and confusing, but did you know that testosterone might be to blame?

While commonly associated with men, testosterone is a vital hormone for all human beings. If you find that you’re suffering from a testosterone imbalance, you may want to consider testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Aria Integrative Health is your resource for TRT in Denver.

How to Know if You Need TRT in Denver

We’ve gone over a few side effects of testosterone imbalance, but those are only a fraction of the symptoms you might encounter if you’re suffering from insufficient testosterone levels.

It’s important to note that you should always consult with a medical professional before deciding if you have a testosterone or hormone imbalance. We can’t diagnose you with absolute certainty without sitting down with you and taking a look ourselves.

Some of the symptoms of low testosterone include:

  • Low energy
  • Low libido
  • Depression
  • Erectile dysfunction

If you feel like you could benefit from TRT in Denver, be sure to reach out to a provider for an official diagnosis.

Our Process for TRT in Denver

When we decided to offer TRT at our clinic in Denver, we wanted to be sure that every one of our patients was receiving the highest quality care possible.

The consultation process is the first step in finding the right treatment for patients like you. We want to meet with our patients to get to know them, because when we understand who you are, we can find the most effective treatment possible, whatever it may be.

On the day of our consultation, we’ll sit down with you and ask you questions about your lifestyle and your treatment preferences. Then, we’ll complete a hormone panel blood test, and the results from this panel will guide us in prescribing your treatment.

The TRT Treatment

The TRT treatment is probably unlike any medical treatment that you’ve completed before. We don’t replace your testosterone with the help of pills or injections; we use pellets.

If you’re not well-acquainted with the TRT process, you may be unsure of what we mean. With modern medical advancements, we can insert specially designed, degradable tablets underneath your skin.

As these tablets dissolve, they will deliver much-needed testosterone to your bloodstream. This means that not only will your testosterone levels rise, but you won’t need an additional procedure to remove the pellets. You’ll notice the results in no time.

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Do you think you could benefit from TRT in Denver? We’re happy to hear it. To get started, you can complete a virtual consultation. Just answer the provided questions, and we’ll email you a free, completely confidential online treatment recommendation.

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