A woman examines her face after Elite IQ in Denver

Elite IQ in Denver

Elite IQ for

Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation

Treatment length:

30 minutes

Treatment downtime:

Minimal or None

Treatment sessions:

Depends on treatment goals

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Clear your skin of unwanted hair and blemishes

If you’re looking for a device to help you remove unwanted hair, repair damaged skin, and reduce discoloration, Elite IQ could be the treatment for you.

We chose to offer treatments with the Elite IQ because of its versatility. The Elite IQ can treat a number of different common skin conditions.

Thanks to the treatment’s FDA-approved Skintel® melanin reader technology, the Elite IQ can adapt to treat your specific skin tone. Elite IQ uses specialized lasers to reduce unwanted pigmentation, remove hair, and eliminate wrinkles. The Elite IQ can also be used in a variety of different treatment areas all over the body.

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What It Treats:

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Rosacea
  • Uneven texture
  • Sun damage
  • Unwanted hair

Treatment Areas:

  • Face
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Underarms
  • Legs
  • Bikini Area

How It Works

The first step in any of our treatments at Aria Integrative Health is the initial consultation. Regardless of which procedure you’re looking to receive, we want to sit down with you in person so we can make an informed recommendation. We’ll ask you a series of questions about your treatment goals and expectations, and we’ll also inquire about your medical history. Once the consultation is complete, we can schedule your appointment.

On the day of your treatment, we’ll get you checked in, allow you to ask any further questions, and then bring you back to the treatment room. Because the Elite IQ machine is so customizable, the specifics of your appointment will vary greatly from another patient’s. The laser treatment is not particularly uncomfortable or painful, but let your provider know if you’re experiencing any discomfort. Following your treatment, you will likely not need to take any downtime.

You may need to schedule multiple sessions if you’re hoping to get the most out of your treatment from Elite IQ in Denver. Be open with your provider about your treatment goals, and they will advise you on the best treatment schedule to achieve those goals.

An example of smooth skin after Elite IQ in Denver
A woman examines her face after Elite IQ in Denver

Benefits of Elite IQ in Denver

One of the major benefits to the Elite IQ is that our providers can tailor the treatment to fit your needs. Elite IQ is perfect for handling a number of different skin conditions and ailments.
All Skin Types
Thanks to Elite IQ’s Skintel® melanin reader technology, this treatment can adapt to fit your needs. Anyone with any skin type can benefit from this treatment.
Low Downtime
While the recovery periods following a treatment with Elite IQ will vary, they will likely be minimal. You may not have any downtime whatsoever.

Our Approach

At Aria Integrative Health, we want to do things differently. We strive to be patient-minded. Your comfort is always our number one priority. Our practitioners understand the importance of holistic care; you’re more than just your condition. We offer procedures and plans that treat your mind and body at once.

We don’t believe you should ever settle for a treatment that you’re not happy with. Communication is one of the tenets of the Aria Integrative Health experience. We will keep you informed of your progress every step of the way, and we’d urge you to do the same. Let us know how we can help you on your wellness journey, and we’ll do everything we can to make it happen.

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