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Shape & Sculpt Your Silhouette

A healthy diet and regular exercise are key components to both maintaining good health and accomplishing your body goals.

But no matter how committed someone is, most people will still struggle with eliminating stubborn areas of body fat. Instead of spending countless hours in the gym, Aria Integrative Health can help patients tone and sculpt their way to their ideal bodies with Emsculpt NEO in Denver.

This noninvasive method of strengthening and sculpting uses paddles to deliver radiofrequency and electromagnetic pulses into the treatment areas. It yields incredible benefits for body sculpting beyond what’s possible through traditional diet or exercise!

What It Treats:

  • Unwanted fat
  • Muscle tone or shape
  • Skin laxity

Treatment Areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Inner thighs
  • Outer thighs
  • Front of thighs
  • Back of thighs
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Calves

How Emsculpt NEO Works

Emsculpt NEO increases the temperature of the muscles through its use of radiofrequency. This helps to heat up the fat cells and, eventually, eliminate them. Once the muscles reach a certain temperature, the Emsculpt NEO device will use high-intensity focused electromagnetic pulses (HIFEM) to contract them. These contractions strengthen your muscles to build muscle tone and definition.

This process permanently damages and flushes fat cells from your body, while also contracting muscles at a higher rate than what’s possible during a workout!

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Benefits of Emsculpt NEO in Denver

Muscle Strengthening
After a series of Emsculpt NEO treatments, the muscle fibers and cells within your body will adapt to the stress and grow stronger, leading to a more sculpted and toned silhouette.
Emsculpt NEO doesn't require any incisions or anesthetic. You can just sit back and let the device work its magic while you relax.
The Emsculpt NEO device offers customizable settings that your specialist can adjust based on your unique body needs and goals.

Your Treatment Plan With Emsculpt NEO

Because Emsculpt NEO assists with your body’s natural processes of breaking down fat and strengthening muscle, you will likely need at least several sessions of Emsculpt NEO in Denver, much like a consistent gym routine. Unlike a consistent gym routine, however, that requires working out several times a week for several months, you will only need to get a session every week.

When you come in for your consultation with Aria Integrative Health, we’ll create a treatment plan based on what results you hope to see and your individual needs. This may mean more sessions or fewer, with regular maintenance treatments.

After the initial round of treatments, the results from Emsculpt NEO can last for 6 months or more. And if you do choose to combine it with your gym routine, you will get the longest-lasting results!

Our Approach

Aria Integrative Health prides itself on being the premier provider of Emsculpt NEO in Denver and all of Colorado. When it comes to our treatments, we consider how they will best benefit our patients and accomplish their goals.

What sets us apart is our comprehensive approach to healthcare, which focuses on the whole person rather than just aesthetics and wellness alone. Combining the best technology and training available with diverse expertise allows us to provide patients, their families, and our community with lasting improvements to their well-being.

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