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Treatment length:

30 minutes

Treatment downtime:


Treatment sessions:

1 to 2

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Your Sexual Health Matters

Just as important as your mental and physical health—and often connected with the two—your sexual health plays an important role in your overall wellness. When it comes to women’s sexual health, life-altering events such as pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause can cause a number of issues with both intimacy and function.

Whether you’re struggling with urinary incontinence, dryness, or discomfort, the O-Shot in Denver at Aria Integrative Health can help bring your spark back!

What It Treats:

  • Decrease in Natural Lubrication
  • Stress Urinary Incontinence
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Chronic Pain

Treatment Areas:

  • Labia
  • Vulva
  • Clitoris

How It Works

The O-Shot works by treating a variety of sexual health issues by using platelet-rich plasma (also known as PRP). PRP uses your body’s own growth hormones—which we get by drawing your blood from your arm and separating out the plasma—to regenerate the vaginal tissue.

Once a highly trained provider separates the growth hormones, they’ll inject them back into the clitoris and upper vagina. The treatment is completely comfortable, 100% safe, and offers symptom relief within a few weeks following your injection!

Benefits of O-Shot in Denver

Increased Sensitivity & Pleasure
By injecting platelet-rich plasma into the clitoris and upper vagina, your body’s own growth hormones are able to regenerate the area, decrease dryness, and improve sexual function and pleasure.
Incontinence Solution
This regeneration also helps treat the symptoms of urinary incontinence in women, including issues with bladder control, leaking, and frequent urination.
Natural Treatment
Because the treatment utilizes the platelets from your own body, the treatment itself is completely natural and produces long-term results!

Our Approach

Aria Integrative Health prides itself on being the premier wellness clinic in Denver and all of Colorado. What sets us apart is our comprehensive approach to healthcare, which focuses on the whole person rather than just aesthetics and wellness alone. Combining the best technology and training available with diverse expertise allows us to provide patients, their families, and our community with lasting improvements to their well-being.

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