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For over a decade, Aria Integrative Health has helped guide men and women of all ages on their journey to becoming their best selves.

Our wellness clinic in Denver focuses on the individual and their unique needs—taking a comprehensive approach that uses both aesthetic and wellness treatments to help patients improve their health holistically. We take the time to know you and understand you, in order to discover the best route to help heal you.

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Why Aria Integrative Health?




Hear It From Our Patients

I was in a major car accident over 22 years ago. I spent a month in intensive care for internal injuries as well as broken bones. I started to notice a sharp pain in my l...


First of all - all the staff are top notch. Very awesome staff. I have severe degenerative spine disease, and because of the lack of exercise associated with chronic pain...


Two people discuss Emsculpt NEO near Lakewood, CO
Aria Integrative Health has given me the desire to finally believe in a weight loss and diet program that works! I lost 10 lbs, and over 18 inches! This has given me such...


Nick and his team are amazing!! I came here for esthetics work, and they have taken time to learn about my…health concerns. I not only feel better, but find myself heal...


We just can't thank you enough! Since we started working with Jaci we've since seen the biggest changes we've ever seen in our health and weight. We are sleeping better, ...

Jen & Cory D.

Experience has been great - the staff is friendly and knowledgable! My skin loves the Vivace - I suffer from skin rashes due to consuming corn- Vivaces helps my skin feel...


I HIGHLY recommend coming here, coming here doesn’t feel like you just have a care provider. I feel like you have a friend that’s looking out for you.


My husband and I did the program, and we are so happy with our results. Chris has to make additional holes in his belt to keep his pants up. I will be buying new clothes....


More About Us

Aria Integrative Health prides itself on being the premier wellness clinic in Denver and all of Colorado. What sets us apart is our comprehensive approach to healthcare, which focuses on the whole person rather than just aesthetics and wellness alone. Combining the best technology and training available with diverse expertise allows us to provide patients, their families, and our community with lasting improvements to their well-being.

Our passion for health and wellness runs deep. The team at Aria Integrative Health is dedicated to supporting your wellness goals, no matter how large or small. Learn more about who we are and what makes our team so unique, along with the role each person plays within Aria.

Who We Are

The Motto Behind Aria

“Never settle.” That’s our motto here at Aria. What does this mean? For Aria, this means we will never provide you with anything less than the best of all the therapeutic modalities that we offer to ensure our patient’s success.

From the very first consultation, we strive for perfection. We will never settle for middle of the road in anything we do. From practitioners, to technology, protocols, and modalities, rest assured you will receive the best in class from the moment you schedule your consultation at our wellness clinic in Denver.

What does this mean for our patients? We are here to make sure we optimize each and every one of our patients’ health. Being asymptomatic at 70% optimization is settling for not being your best. We strive to help you become who you can and want to be at 100% optimization.

Our mission to to treat both aesthetic and physical health challenges holistically, so that you can truly live a life of wellness.

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Schedule Your Consultation Today
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The team at Aria Integrative Health can’t wait to help you on your journey to better health and wellness.

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Our Breadth of Services

We prioritize the balance of inner and outer health through functional aesthetics and integrative medicine.

Residing in Denver, Colorado, our wellness clinic endeavors to go above and beyond traditional therapies and methodology. Our practitioners possess years of experience within the traditional medical field to inform the best modality of care for you—considering you as a whole person.

We believe that better care is achieved when we understand the interconnectedness of mind, spirit, and body.

That’s why we get to know every patient, and that’s why we offer a wide range of services—wellness is more than a single treatment or a single feeling. It’s something that starts with an understanding relationship between you and your provider.