Cryotherapy in Greenwood Village, CO

The Many Benefits of Cryotherapy

A woman smiles after Cryotherapy in Greenwood Village, CO

Are you feeling your best? Life has a way of dragging us down, whether it be unexpected weight gain, troublesome skin conditions, or even soreness after a workout.

If you’re struggling to feel comfortable in your day-to-day life, there’s no shame in seeking a little outside help. But in a world full of different wellness treatments, how can you know which one will be the right choice for you?

Reach out to Aria Integrative Health. We’re a wellness clinic with the treatments you need to feel your best as you go about your daily life.

And if you’re looking for a treatment that can provide you relief for a number of different conditions, then you should consider cryotherapy in Greenwood Village, CO.

What Exactly Is Cryotherapy?

Our team at Aria Integrative Health offers a variety of different treatments for a variety of different conditions. But what makes cryotherapy different, and how exactly does it work? The “cryo” in cryotherapy refers to the extremely cold temperatures used in the treatment.

During the cryotherapy process, we will expose your skin to freezing temperatures in order to eliminate troublesome cells and tissue. This treatment is FDA-cleared and can help you treat conditions like:

  • Muscle strain
  • Unwanted weight gain
  • Acne
  • Joint inflammation
  • Post-injury recovery
  • And so much more

Cryotherapy is a wonderfully versatile treatment, and it can help you find relief from your symptoms.

The Process

Before you undergo cryotherapy in Greenwood Village, CO, you need to complete a consultation. At Aria, we never want to waste our patients’ time, so we want to do everything we can to find the perfect treatment for you the first time around.

The place to meet for Cryotherapy in Greenwood Village, CO

We’ll sit down with you and ask you questions about your goals, and we’ll also examine your areas of concern. With that information gathered, we’ll recommend a treatment and get your session scheduled.

A cryotherapy session should only take up to 15 minutes, and there’s no downtime following the treatment. It’s a perfect treatment to perform over your lunch break.

Depending on the severity of your conditions, you may need to schedule multiple sessions, but our provider can help you determine the number of sessions you’ll need to see optimal results.

The Aria Difference

Aria Integrative Health aims to do things differently. We’ve worked hard to build a clinic that prioritizes its patients’ needs and provides holistic care. You’re more than your symptoms, and our treatment plans reflect this.

We work to find the root cause of your condition, so you never have to spend time undergoing treatments you won’t need. We’re here for you every step of the way, so if you ever have any questions or concerns, then let our providers know.

Get Started

Do you want to get started with cryotherapy in Greenwood Village, CO? Then reach out to our team with the help of our virtual treatment finder.

You’ll simply need to answer the required questions, and our team will send you a personalized treatment recommendation soon.

You deserve relief from your conditions. Let our providers help.


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