Benefits of THOR Laser

The Thor Laser produces intense beams of light at specific wavelengths to help stimulate the cells in the body that repair tissue, reduce inflammation and transmit pain. The high intensity single point lasers can also release trigger points similar to the effect of acupuncture, without the invasive quality of the needles. With our Thor Laser, recovery can be expedited up to 70% without surgery and 30% with surgery if you follow our specific healing protocols. This technology has a 100% success rate for eliminating pain from carpal tunnels, tennis elbow, golfers elbow and tendonitis. This is arguably the best low level light therapy on the planet.

We treat neuromusculoskeletal pain and disorders, most commonly back, neck and joint pain. Through Aria’s chiropractic methods, patients are treated with a drug-free approach that is tailored specifically to their own body’s needs. The most common chiropractic procedures include but not limited to spinal manipulation, myofascial release, laser therapy, decompression and electrotherapy. At Aria we have a 100% success rate in relieving pain associated with carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, knee tendonitis, and ankle tendonitis.

Since the heart cannot handle this alone, it needs help: the smaller blood vessels propel the blood cells through their own pumping movements (vasomotion), thereby supporting the heart. Their movements also regulate the blood flow in such a way that areas with higher supply needs at a given moment are better supplied with blood than areas that happen to have a lower need.

What Can It Help?

  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Joint conditions
  • Back and Neck Pain

What Can You Expect With Treatment?

Treatments will vary depending on the location and severity of your injury. Based on your evaluation, the doctor will develop a customized treatment specific to your desired outcomes. The Thor Laser is pain-free, there is no down time and the treatments range anywhere from 10-30 minutes, based on your treatment plan.

What Occurs With Injury?

At the cellular level, with an injury the mitochondria responds by dishing out loads of inflammatory chemicals that subsequently block the Cytochrome C subunit which is necessary for the production of ATP, otherwise known as cellular energy.  The end result is an increase in oxidative stress to the tissue resulting in cellular death and decreased tissue regeneration.

Long Story Short:  Inflammation slows the healing process.

What We Would Do

Laser Therapy is NON-INVASIVE with absolutely zero risk.

Low Level Laser Therapy when applied properly “knocks off” the inflammatory chemicals from the Cytochrome C subunit which allows for oxygen back in.  The end result: Increased cellular metabolism allowing for TISSUE TO HEAL QUICKER getting the athlete back into the game quicker and stronger.

Long Story Short:  Laser will decrease the healing time by 60%. Thats a good thing!

We use the laser systems made by Thor Lasers out of England.  About 95% of all lasers sold piggy back of the science generated by Thor Lasers and their research partnerships (which includes the Wellman Photomedicine Research Facility at Harvard Medical School).  However, the same 95% of laser systems do not have proper technology to achieve desired results.

Our Laser Systems

We utilize the Thor Laser systems.  We have a small unit that is useful in treating small areas as well as a FULL BODY SYSTEM that will help the entire body heal quicker as well as increase muscular endurance and strength.