Struggling with pain, and not sure where to go? Meet Aria’s Owner & Chiropractor to get you back on track to living pain free. Dr. Simpson utilizes a variety of therapies to address pain at its root, whether it be structural or soft tissue. 

DRS Protocol

The DRS Protocol™ is a comprehensive combination of treatments, which include axial/spinal decompression, and multiple therapies. This theraputic modality has been proven most effective for involved and chronic disc conditions.


Emsculpt utilizes high intensity electromagnetic energy to induce focused muscle contractions and burn fat in a targeted area. This treatment is particularly beneficial to those with chronic low back pain due to its ability to build functional core and glute strength. 

THOR Light Therapy

The Thor Laser produces intense beams of light at specific wavelengths to help stimulate the body’s cells to repair tissue, reduce inflammation, and decrease pain. It can also release trigger points similar to acupuncture, without the needles.

Massage Therapy

Aria’s certified massage therapists have vast experience in therapeutic massage. Both practitioners utilize a variety of techniques founded through both personal and professional experience with chronic pain and injury recovery. 

NovoTHOR Lightpod

The NovoTHOR LightPod is the most powerful full body light therapy device in the world. This incredible technology emits red and near infra-red light wavelengths to reduce oxidative stress and heal tissue.

Cryo Therapy

Cryotherapy is an important tool when treating both acute and chronic injuries. It involves briefly exposing your skin to extremely cold temperatures, causing your body’s core temperature to drop, thereby reducing inflammation, clearing toxins, and killing bacteria.

BEMER Therapy

Using electromagnetically transmitted signals, BEMER physical vascular therapy stimulates the pumping movement of the smallest blood vessels, renormalising the blood flow in this area, decreasing inflammation and decreasing pain. 

Infrared Sauna

Sunlighten infrared sauna heat works by penetrating joints, muscles and tissues, increasing circulation and speeding oxygen flow. By reducing soreness on nerve endings, our infrared heat reduces muscle spasms and helps the body heal itself naturally.