Dr Jake Johnston
Board Certified In Emergency Medicine Physician

Dr. Johnston attended the United States Naval Academy and the University of Miami for his undergraduate studies. He completed Medical School at the University of Massachusetts. He completed two residencies: the first in Internal Medicine at St. Joseph in Denver and then completed his Emergency Residency at Denver Health. Dr. Johnston practiced Emergency Medicine for 34 years in rural, urban and suburban contexts.

Dr. Johnston says,

“Practicing Emergency Medicine for almost 40 years has made me aware of the limitations of Allopathic (classic or traditional) medicine which is based upon the treatment of disease through medications that suppress symptoms and or surgical intervention. This awareness prompted me to go deeper into the understanding of health and disease, I became involved in Integrative Medicine in the 90‘s. I came to realize how much was involved in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle: nutrition, attitude, lifestyle, sleep, relationships, supplements, metabolic medicine and nontraditional therapies like those involving the electromagnetic spectrum have all been proven to improve health. I became convinced of the value of these non-traditional therapies in promoting enhanced health and anti-aging. Great health demands combining both traditional and non–traditional approaches to medicine.”

He continues,

“I am eager to invest my learning for patient‘s health and well–being. My calling involves helping people maximize their potential to enjoy life through healthy living. I want to help you attain a life full of hope with minimal pain so you can utilize your God-given talents and be a light for everyone you meet!”

Dr. Johnston enjoys investing in his family and faith community. He is an avid family man with an amazing wife and four athletic boys. He’s also an outdoor enthusiast-you are likely to run into him on any of the many hiking/biking trails around Denver.

Integrative Medicine practices where we looked at the root cause of illness and utilized an integrative approach with Diabetes, Heart Disease, Immune Dysfunction, and common Functional Diseases like Leaky Gut Syndrome, Thyroid, Adrenal Fatigue, Food Allergies, and Arthritis.

Dr. Johnston was involved in Lecturing around the country at integrative medicine conferences on the utility of Far Infrared Saunas in the detoxification of Toxins and the promotion of health as an adaptive response to heat and anti-aging. He is the Medical Director of a light therapy company in California utilizing LED’s in the promotion of improved health and anti-aging. In addition, Dr. Johnston is the Medical Director of a bio-photonic and electromagnetic device that promotes well-being and improved markers of health.

In the last few years, he has become interested in Stem Cell Research as the wave of the future. There have been over 5,000 plus studies on the effect of Stem Cells on Chronic Inflammatory Disease, Immune Dysfunction, Arthritis and cartilage regeneration and pain amelioration, Alzheimer‘s and Degenerative Neurological Diseases, Cardiovascular Disease and Post Heart Attack survival, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

This is a very exciting area of study and has huge implications for our health and economy with the potential to live out our genetic potential of 120 years.

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