Patient Stories

“We just can't thank you enough! Since we started working with Jaci we've since seen the biggest changes we've ever seen in our health and weight. We are sleeping better, have more energy and love the food we are eating. It's easy too! It's nice to have guidance and accountability. We are so grateful!” 
Jen & Cory D.

"I have suffered with severe neck pain and lack of mobility in my lower back and hips. I feel blessed to have found Dr. Simpson when I did. I now live a pain free life and have more mobility than I have in years. I can not thank Dr. Simpson and his team at Aria enough for what they have done!!!"


"I was in a major car accident over 22 years ago. I spent a month in intensive care for internal injuries as well as broken bones. I started to notice a sharp pain in my lower back many years later. I have never been to a chiropractor before seeing Dr. Simpson, and was very skeptical of the ability to help my pain. I was limping all the time and was unable to sleep through the night.Dr. Simpson was very friendly and caring when we discussed my injuries and pain. He gave me an exam and explained to me what might help make me feel better. He adjusted more than my back; he adjusted legs, hips, wrists, shoulders and ribs! I had no idea that some of my back pain was caused by a rib that was out of place. I immediately felt relief from pressure and pain. I would recommend to anyone who has back pain, to see Dr. Simpson. I like that the Doctor allows me to come and schedule visits when I feel I need an adjustment, as well as his advice on a number of treatments that will be more successful.I have not had any return of the major back pain I was experiencing since my first visit with Dr. Simpson. I am able to work, play, and sleep without any pain. I do still visit the doctor when I notice something is out of place, and he always makes me feel better.Thank you, Dr. Simpson for taking away the pain."

"This has been a WONDERFUL experience!"The treatments feel reallly great and are incredibly effective. Nick and Jaci super rock! They were both really positive and supportive, and Jaci patiently answered all of my many questions. All of the staff members are really healpful and nice. It's a placure to come for each visit!
"Aria Integrative Health has given me the desire to finally believe in a weight loss and diet program that works! I lost 10 lbs, and over 18 inches! This has given me such confidence and determination to continue my journey for the rest of my life. The staff - well it doesn't get any better. Thank you!
"First of all - all the staff are top notch. Very awesome staff. I have severe degenerative spine disease, and because of the lack of exercise associated with chronic pain, I gained 30 lbs. ICannot even walk over a block. During my program, I lost about 20 lbs, and lost 13 inches in my upper body not counting neck, thighs and calves. Now I'm able to surpass my goals. Feel better, look better, and I can only attribute this to my program at Aria Integrative Health.
"Experience has been great - the staff is friendly and knowledgable! My skin loves the Vivace - I suffer from skin rashes due to consuming corn- Vivaces helps my skin feel so much better and heal much faster. My skin also looks much smoother. I will absolutely continue to come back for Vivace and will explosre other treatments as well.
"My husband and I did the program, and we are so happy with our results. Chris has to make additional holes in his belt to keep his pants up. I will be buying new clothes. The entire staff have been very supportive, and we have learned so much through this program. We have and will continue to recommend this because it works!"