What is telehealth?

In an effort to accomodate all of our patients here at Aria Integrative Health, we are now offering Telehealth appointments! 

Virtual appointments are scheduled with our practitioner through a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a camera and strong wifi connection. We will provide you with a link and access code to our secure virtual meeting room prior to your appointment.

The benefits of Telehealth

The team at Aria understands the need for alternative options for patients to be seen by one of our practitioners without necessarily visiting the office directly. As always, we continue to do our best to accommodate our patients by all means possible. 

Telehealth offers patients the option to meet with our practitioner from the comfort of your home. This option is frequently faster and more affordable than a visit to our clinic.

What are Telehealth appointments best suited for?

Whether you are new to us, or have been a patient for years, Telehealth is best suited for those who need support managing their chronic ailments, nutrition counseling, diagnostic testing reviews, and overall wellness consultations.

Telehealth also offers an efficient option for our practitioners to review medications and supplementations with patients, and provide education on what to expect while on their prescribed regimen. 

Schedule your appointment

Are you ready to schedule your Telehealth appointment with one of our practitioners? Connect with a member of our team to have your questions answered and book your appointment today.