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How Long Do SculpSure results last?

SculpSure is a state of the art device FDA cleared to permanently destroy unwanted fat. This device continues to lead the market for non-invasive body contouring today, as it has for several years. SculpSure is the safest, most effective option to destroy stubborn fat pockets on the abs, legs, arms, flanks, bra line, and under the chin. In the following article we answer questions such as: how long do SculpSure results last? and am I a candidate for SculpSure?

How Does SculpSure Work?

This device utilizes state of the art, light-based technology to selectively heat up targeted fat cells. SculpSure applicators emit 1060 nm wavelengths of light, enabling the fat tissue to reach temperatures between 107.6 and 116.6°F. This temperature is ideal for destroying fat cells under the skin, without damaging any surrounding tissues. 

Clients typically experience a warm, tingling sensation during their treatment. In addition, there is minimal to no pain, and no down-time. That’s one important factor that makes SculpSure such a great option for people who lead a busy lifestyle. 

How Long Do SculpSure Results Last?

For a period of 12 weeks after treatment, your lymphatic system will naturally flush out those fat cells. On average, each treatment results in a 25% reduction in fat in the targeted area.

Once these fat cells are eliminated from your body, they are gone for good. With that said, those who don’t adhere to a healthy diet or exercise routine may experience swelling of their remaining fat cells over time. This occurs under normal circumstances when your weight fluctuates, as well as after any procedure that causes permanent fat loss, including Coolsculpting and liposuction.

Will I Develop Fat Deposits In Other Areas? 

A common misconception we hear at Aria Integrative Health, is that fat deposits will develop in other areas in the body after SculpSure treatments. Let’s delve into this topic further. In cases of liposuction, all of the fat cells are removed in specific areas of the body, which may lead to fat redistribution in other areas in the body with weight gain. This is not true of Sculpsure. With SculpSure, we permanently destroy 25% of fat cells in the body. Because a percentage of fat cells remain in that area of the body, you will always maintain a natural appearance if you gain weight.

Bottom line: SculpSure alone does not cause unusual, noticeable fat deposits to develop in other areas of the body. With that said, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine is crucial to long-term body contouring success.

Am I A Candidate For SculpSure? 

SculpSure is best in class in terms of targeted, non-invasive fat destruction. This device is incredibly safe, and offers an effective solution for resolving stubborn fat pockets permanently.

With that said, to be a candidate for, you must meet specific requirements. If you are interested in addressing troublesome fat, schedule your complimentary consultation with our Wellness Director to determine if this treatment is right for you. 

Coolsculpting vs. Sculpsure: Which Is A Better Option For You?

On a daily basis, our team receives this question: Is Coolsculpting or Sculpsure a better option for me? We love to educate our clients on this topic, as we understand just how challenging it can be to weed through the conflicting information online. 

We are experts in the world of non-invasive body contouring options. In fact, Owner and Wellness Director, Nick Tvrdik, travels the US throughout the year to educate fellow clinic owners and medical professionals in the field on this matter. But before we delve into which option outshines the other, here is a brief overview of what you can expect from each treatment. 

What Is Coolsculpting? 

CoolSculpting is a body contouring option FDA cleared to permanently destroy unwanted fat. This device uses suction to target the tissue between two applicators. Then, liquid nitrogen is cycled through the applicators to freeze the tissue. 

Coolsculpting is commonly used to treat stubborn fat on the stomach, flanks, hips, thighs and chin area. A series of treatments are generally required, and full results can be seen about 3-4 months after their last treatment. Typically, people will see a 20%-25% fat reduction in the treated areas. 

How Safe Is Coolsculpting?

Although this treatment is considered safe, it does pose a variety of potential side effects ranging from mild to severe. For instance, adipose tissue has a high affinity for cold. Unfortunately, so does the dermis, nervous system, vascular bundles and lymphatic system. This means, coolsculpting not only destroys fat cells, but it may also cause permanent damage to the surrounding tissues. Furthermore, this device does not provide a feathering effect to the outer regions of the treatment area. This means it may lead to a visual appearance of a shark bite or shelving of the skin.

Lastly, a rare but serious side effect that may occur due to Coolsculpting is a condition called paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. This occurs when the body begins producing more fat cells in that area rather than destroying targeted fat in response to the trauma from cryo. Some studies show that as many as 1 in 187 people may develop this condition. It doesn’t go away on its own, and may require liposuction or abdominoplasty to remove the fat cells.

What Is Sculpsure? 

Sculpsure is a non-invasive body contouring option FDA approved to permanently destroy fat. This device utilizes state of the art, light-based technology to get rid of stubborn fat that doesn’t go away through diet and exercise alone. A technician applies SculpSure panels directly to the client’s skin to selectively target and destroy fat cells through heat. People most commonly use SculpSure to treat their abs, flanks, hips, legs, back, or chin. 

Generally speaking, people require two to three treatments to ensure optimal results. The full effect occurs at 12 weeks after their final treatment. On average, people experience a 25% decrease in fat per treatment they receive.

How Safe Is SculpSure?

Although both treatment options are proven to be effective methods for non-invasive body contouring, they differ significantly when it comes to potential side effects. For example, SculpSure occasionally causes minor soreness, redness or tingling to the treated area directly after treatment. This typically subsides within two to three days. In rare cases, a small nodule of damaged fat cells may form under this skin. However, massage or z-wave therapy easily breaks up the nodules. 

Why Aria Stands Behind Sculpsure

Here at Aria, our mission is to help people look and feel their best through providing a combination of best-in-class devices with state of the art technology and a knowledgeable, compassionate staff. We stand behind Sculpsure because not only is it superior to Coolsculpting in terms of technology and treatment outcome, but it’s significantly safer and less invasive to the body. 

Next Steps

Are you interested in learning how we can help you reach your body contouring goals? In addition to SculpSure, we offer a range of body contouring options. This enables us to develop a customized treatment plan ideal for your needs and budget. Contact us to learn more!

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