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Alan Roach - Denver, CO

Radio Announcer

You've heard the old adage, "If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is." I'm a big believer in that statement, but I also have recently learned there is an exception to the rule; namely DRS Protocol.In 2005, I began experiencing lower back pain. It seemed to start one day with no comprehensible reason. Over the course of just a few weeks, the pain became debilitating and affected my everyday routine more and more. My unsuccessful path to relief included X-rays, family doctor, specialists, MRI's, physical therapists, chiropractic adjustments, cortisone shots, and just about everything else I heard about, short of surgery or drowning the pain with dangerous medications. I quit golfing, I stopped playing baseball and basketball. I stopped doing all the things that required movement, all the things that I'd enjoyed for years and made me who I am. I had to change the way I got dressed in the morning as putting on socks and pants was no longer possible the way I'd learned how when I was 3 years old! My family time suffered, I walked like an old man, and getting in and out of the car became a dreaded experience every day. Some of the remedies worked for a short time, some a bit longer, and some not at all. No matter what I tried, my pain returned and my life continued to be about all the things I couldn't do because of the pain.At the start of 2011, I was approached by Dr. Jake Simpson of the Aria Integrative Health Clinic in Denver. He had heard of my struggles with a disc issue and wanted me to come hear about DRS Protocol. Decompression, reduction and stabilization are the three letters. At the time they seemed like just words. For years I had told everyone that "I have tried everything" to alleviate my back pain so with that in mind, I agreed to let Dr. Simpson treat me with the DRS protocol regimen. I won't say I expected failure, but I also didn't have a great amount of confidence. The treatments were non-painful, non-invasive to myself or my schedule. 3 appointments a week to start, reducing to 2 and eventually one per week as the treatment progressed. The half hour treatments were nothing more than laying on a specialized treatment table, brief electronic muscle stimulation, and one small chiropractic adjustment. I remember a particular day so clearly, about 3 weeks into the treatment. I felt a sneeze coming on. For the previous 6 years every sneeze was accompanied by a rocket blast of pain in my lower back, buckling at the waist or even dropping to my knees, and a loud moan, groan, or involuntary expletive. But not this day. I stood after the sneeze. The pain was almost unnoticeable. Over the course of the next few weeks, everything surrounding the pain that had dictated my everyday life, vanished. I did yard work. I played a round of golf. I water skied and jet skied. I put on my pants standing up! The regular course of treatment ended after about 4 months. It's been almost a year. My body has forgotten all the defense mechanisms for pain that I lived with for so long.Thank you, Dr. Jake Simpson and all the staff at Aria Integrative Health. You have given me a tremendous gift. I am pain free and best of all I am free to live my life again, the way I choose to do it. I hope others that have suffered the same way I have will be as fortunate to find your office and find the relief that they have so long searched for.

C.C. - Denver, CO

I was in a major car accident over 22 years ago. I spent a month in intensive care for internal injuries as well as broken bones. I started to notice a sharp pain in my lower back many years later. I have never been to a chiropractor before seeing Dr. Simpson, and was very skeptical of the ability to help my pain. I was limping all the time and was unable to sleep through the night.Dr. Simpson was very friendly and caring when we discussed my injuries and pain. He gave me an exam and explained to me what might help make me feel better. He adjusted more than my back; he adjusted legs, hips, wrists, shoulders and ribs! I had no idea that some of my back pain was caused by a rib that was out of place. I immediately felt relief from pressure and pain. I would recommend to anyone who has back pain, to see Dr. Simpson. I like that the Doctor allows me to come and schedule visits when I feel I need an adjustment, as well as his advice on a number of treatments that will be more successful.I have not had any return of the major back pain I was experiencing since my first visit with Dr. Simpson. I am able to work, play, and sleep without any pain. I do still visit the doctor when I notice something is out of place, and he always makes me feel better.Thank you, Dr. Simpson for taking away the pain.

N.T. - Denver, CO

I have suffered with severe neck pain and lack of mobility in my lower back and hips.  I feel blessed to have found Dr. Simpson when I did.  I now live a pain free life and have more mobility than I have in years.  I can not thank Dr. Simpson and his team at Aria enough for what they have done!!!

T.T. - Denver, CO

I am an avid disc golfer but was forced to give it up because of chronic shoulder pain and rotator cuff issues.  Through several treatments with Graston and cold laser therapy I am now back playing and have actually gained extra distance.  Most importantly I play with the confidence that I know I wont get hurt if I try and throw far.  Dr. Simpson also gave me an exercise band for me to do specific exercises at my home and before rounds that have helped dramatically.  Thanks Dr. Simpson!!!

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