Holistic Nutrition


Our Denver Holistic Nutrition Services

Becoming healthy isn’t a goal…it’s a decision. The only question is how long will it take?


Why is nutrition so important? What you put in your body matters! Because Virginia practices holistic nutrition, she believes that *nutrition* is not JUST food. The foods we eat can either help heal us or be making us sick.

Your diet can help address (or STRESS) the gut, the blood, hormones/mood/emotions, etc)

As a nutritional chef, Virginia helps her clients make dietary adjustments while enjoying delicious, nutrient dense foods. Cardboard is NOT included in my recipes 😉


Holistic Nutrition Philosophy:

As mentioned above, what you put in your body really matters and plays a huge role in how we spend our days living on this planet. What we mean by that is, the thoughts we think, the type of water (and *how* we drink it) matter, how much sleep/rest we allow our body to have, the way our hormones function, the way everything is affected from emotions to our energy to exercise, it’s all part of a living, breathing organism-our body. Of course food is a large component of holistic nutrition (She is a chef-She LIVES for food!) but it’s not just what we eat, but how and when we eat it that can really play a huge role in our bodies living with ease…or dis-ease.


Work with Virginia:

Set {or uncover} your crystal clear vision: How do you want to feel, look and behave {habits, daily rituals} What are your main challenges? What is holding you back from feeling the best you’ve ever felt?

Virginia will help you uncover the hidden challenges that could be sabotaging your health, wellness and fitness goals, so you leave the sessions renewed and inspired.

Virginia will assist you in discovering what you want to achieve and navigate how to get there. All coaching sessions are confidential and we approach each session with an inner calm and non-judgmental attitude. By holding a safe space for the client to work through any emotions that may come up during the session, Virginia will help guide you to new perspectives, outlooks and habits.

As your action-driven guide, Virginia helps to hold up the client’s goals for them to see. What did you want to focus on? What is the main health concern? Keep that goal first during the sessions and focus on progress they’ve made towards that goal. This will not only get clients back on track more quickly if they’ve deviated, but when the focus is on what is going right rather than what is going wrong, distractions fall away and the client is able to move forward, feeling positive and motivated, not guilty or frustrated.


75-minute Consultation:

This session consists of a 15 minutes overview conversation and 60-minute deep dive into health and family history so Virginia can get a thorough understanding of the client’s bio-individuality. We will set the pace for the follow up sessions (if the client would like to proceed with accountability coaching) and create a strategy to help get the desired result of each individual client.

For Nutritional Packages: The follow up sessions are each 1 hour and include a holistic nutrition check-in (what’s working, what’s not working and how the progress is coming along, as well as meal plan samples, recipes and new ideas and assignments) as well as a 20-minute BEMER therapy session (*please see BEMER benefits below.)

Virginia is also a certified Reiki Practitioner, so if the client is up for including some energy work, it could be a part of one of the follow-up sessions, as Reiki helps us to unblock where we sometimes get stuck energetically.


What to expect on your first visit:

During your 1st session you will get to know one another so you can establish a space and a pace for working together. Please come ready to discuss what your current health practices are, including current eating habits, self-care regimens/rituals, fitness goals or current status and where you would like to arrive (and how quickly or slowly you wish to do so) We will begin to address any obvious or primary saboteurs that are keeping you from the most vibrant and healthy version of yourself.