Our Holistic Nutrition Services

You were born to be beautiful inside and out!  Food Beautiful is here to help make that into a reality by using our nutritional health information and services from Holistic Nutritionist Sarah King Feldman.

There is a lot of buzz surrounding health and wellness these days. Many have a hard time making sense of all the information. We help you solve these problems by creating personal strategies tailored to your specific needs to help you reach your full health potential.

Sarah King Feldman is the head Holistic Nutritionist located at Aria Integrative Health. She has been paving the way for people to find health freedom and longevity since 2002 by creating solutions for almost every kind of malady.

Her philosophy is centered on healing the body from the inside out through a raw plant based and food combining diet. Each individuals needs are taken into serious consideration when creating a customized lifestyle diet program.

We welcome you to join our health revolution!