Cold Season: Get a Massage!

Original article from Health magazine, edited by Beth Bogdewiecz

For the past three years, Mindy Hardwick, 38, of Lake Stevens, Wash., has dodged all the major bugs while volunteering at schools and a juvenile-detention center. Her secret weapon: a monthly massage. Hardwick even sailed through a move (selling her first house) without the poststress blahs. “Its got to be the massage,” she says. “I’m convinced its like taking medicine.”

Most studies show that massage can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and heart rate—and lowering these is likely to cause your stress level to drop, one key to building immunity. “Decreasing stress increases your immune cells,” says Tiffany Field, PhD, director of the Touch Research Institute of the Univer­sity of Miami School of Medicine.

Make massage work for you: Any type of rubdown is fine, as long as you ask for at least moderate pressure, Field says. How often do you need one? Experts say once a month (or more) is worthwhile!

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